A History of the Office Chair

While you are sitting comfortable in the office, on your office chair, have you ever thought when was the first office chair was invented? Or who could have thought that having swivels, head rest and arm rest will make someone seated comfortably. Well thanks to the bright and geniuses in the past who are able to think about creating an office chair.

In order for you to be able to have a good idea about office chairs, just in case you are curious about it, then let’s check out a little history about office chairs.

Office Chairs Invented

There are several information and differing records to who really invented the first office chair. Wikipedia for instance stated that Charles Darwin was the first one who created a wheeled office chair to help him get the specimen faster. You can also find on the records that Thomas Warren who designed a Centripetal Spring Armchair which is more elegant and with modest design.

Just like any other invention, different revisions and improvisations are being made by many people in the latter. So the best office chair that you might be sitting right at this moment is the one thousandth version of the original office chair that was made tons of decades ago. From a very simple swivel to more ergonomics and designs.

Office chairs that were made in the past also varies depending on where it is intended to be used. For instance, Singer invented their own working chair to work well with their sewing machines. So sewers can work and be seated well and comfortably. It has a metal base and is made of wood.

Best Office Chairs

As mentioned, office chairs these days are highly advanced and innovative. There are too many features added to make the person sit comfortably and with ease. You should know that sitting in the office 8 hours a day can be tiring and exhausting. And if you aren’t using the best office chair, you’ll end up with neck and back aches.

The best office chairs should be adjustable, with proper ergonomics, easy to maneuver and very well designed.  Some office chairs may have the basics such as swivels, arm chairs and head rest. But they lack other aspects such as proper ergonomics, balance and durability. Thus, you are looking for buy office chairs, make sure to find many companies who offer the best office chairs.

These days, you are able to find tons of office chairs and they come on different size and designs. And no one really think about who invented it first. Well thanks to these brainy people who would want to find ways to make the workers seated comfortably. So the next time you sit on your chair in the office, you’ll remember that Charles Darwin was the first one to think adding a wheel to a chair would mean fast and convenience.

Make sure to choose the best chair for your office. That’s the best way that you can keep your workers to work productively because of the comfort that they are experiencing.

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