A history of the business coach

Coaching has probably existed as much as human civilization.  Parents coached their kids into a prosperous life and one according to certain principles.  Even today, the success of an individual in life in general is usually attributed to the “coaching” he or she received at home.

In modern times, coaching has been historically related to sports and any sports activity.  Since the 1880s, time at which the term originated, you only hear stories of success because of personal coaching.  Athletes get themselves personal trainers that will help them develop to their full potential.  These coaches take it to themselves to study the athlete and customize programs to achieve a better performance.

Businesses took this model and brought it to the business world.  Today, we have “business coaching”, with more and more companies hiring such services.  But it was not until the 1960s that the model was adopted.  Since then, the basics of business coaching have changed over the years, providing more efficient ways to maximize productivity and increase ROI.

Today, a vertiginous proliferation of business coaches has risen.  This is thanks to the results that businesses have observed.  The concept has really grown and taken on wings.  It has reached large corporations which call it “executive coaching”.  This soaring success has allowed the service to be available even for smaller businesses.

It has been only around 40 years and studies have revealed that the results obtained from a good business coaching are actually exciting.  It has been proven as well that hiring the services of a certified business coach will significantly increase a businesses’s return on investment.

By 1970 and 1980, businesses were convinced that business coaching was essential to support managers to attain their businesses full potential.  They saw the concept as the best way to invest in keeping the business floating.  Back then, the term coaching did not have a clear definition as it has today.  For instance, some would often use coaching and counseling interchangeably.  The model of consultation too was often confused with coaching.

To this day, business coaching has seen a tremendous growth and maturation.  It is a realm where experience is greatly valued and the potential results of the service deeply appreciated.  All corporations, and small and big businesses have seen the primordial importance of hiring a coach.

In recent years, the concept of coaching has acquired different forms and has adopted different models.  These are easily adapted and applied to the particular needs of a business.  Businesses see a great ROI when they adopt the coaching model and hire one.  If you want to talk about experience and success in business coaching, then Carol Greenway is what you are referring to.  Even a small business will get amazing results with the proper coaching.

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