A brief history of the patent

The patent is a practice that started several centuries ago.  In the United States, patenting started under the same principles of the Consitution. In fact, the American patent system picked up from a system that was already centuries old.

The Venetian Patent Statute

The first record we have of patent law goes all the way back to 1474.  The Venetian Patent Statute was established by the Republic of Venice and was Europe’s first patent statute.   However, the first time we hear about a patent comes from 1449.

In that year, John of Utynam was the first inventor to receive a documented patent for his invention of a unique glass-making process.   Utynam wanted a monopoly on this process by keeping procedures a secret and got himself a 20-year patent.  But his monopoly did not come for free.  In exchange for it, he had to teach his process to Englishmen.

So, even though the Venetian Patent Statute is not the first formal patent procedure it is highly notorious due to the fact that it was the first time that patent customs were so specifically codified in a well-defined, simple, and applicable manner.  One of the conditions on this statute that still holds today in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office is that an invention should be novel and useful.

Patent Laws during the French Revolution

The new revolutionary government taking place in France after the French Revolution placed laws of patenting inventions in 1791.  This application process was not too strict since officers would not ask what the invention was about and they would never check.

One interesting feature was that this law forbade French to take their invention elsewhere.  One characteristic from this time that sill resonates today is that exclusivity comes with a price.  Usually, if an applicant wanted to wait much less time, he should have to pay someone.

The America Invents Act

But before the French Revolution laws, United States established patent laws in 1790. This is historically known as the 1790 patent laws who help define the more modern version of how to go through with things.

Following the original patent of 1790, many modifications were made.  The most important of them was the American Invents Act which regulates everything concerning copyright, use, and distribution.  Under this law, any interference proceedings are eliminated.   In other words, you will no longer need to compete to even get a spot at the office.

We patent our investigations because you have had a lot of time to think about the usefulness of it. Now, this process has to be done by professionals. Today, you do not need to hold any fancy requirement to get a patent.  Good luck! And remember that if you want to hire someone that knows about these type of regulations, get the best of Lawyers Vancouver up there.

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