How has business photography changed over the years?

Business photography and photography in general has had major changes throughout times.  Since the first camera was created around 1816, to our days, we have seen changes, some more remarkable than others.  Let´s take a look at how these changes have taken place and how have they affected the way we see this business.

The beginning

When photography was invented by the 1830s, taking a picture was not that easy.  It required a specially skilled person who knew about film, photography, dark rooms, and chemicals necessary to develop film.   Developing a photograph was both time-consuming and expensive.  Businesses would not even think yet as using it as an asset since the return on that investment was probably not too good.

The first type of picture was known as Daguerreotype.  This type of photography not only took a long time to develop but also to take.  People had to stand still for about 20 minutes!  Evidently, these pictures were only done for formal portraits of upper-class families.

The mid 20th century

The mid 20th century saw how developing time was dramatically reduced.  This made photography more accessible when the Polaroid SX-70 was invented.   Pictures taken with the Polaroid SX-70 developed instantly.  No more need of dark rooms and lengthy developments.

By the 1970s, most families had photo albums with pictures of vacations and fun times in them.

Businesses saw major profit in the reduced costs of photography.  Being photography more of the work of a hobbyist, it could not be too expensive anymore.  However, you still wanted professional photographers to do the photo-shooting for you.


Probably the most dramatic changes to photography technology have happened over the course of the last 30 years.  We moved on to developing film to not needing a film at all.  The growth in computer technology brought about the development of digital photography.

Digital photography saw a mainstream in 2007 with the invention of the iPhone.  Putting a photographic camera that takes very clean pictures inside a phone was something unimaginable only a few years before.  This gave everyone access to taking high-quality pictures and more easily share them with the whole world.  Today, photography is more popular than ever.

The Impact of Digital Photography to your Business

Even though everyone has the ability to take a picture, not everyone has the ability to take pictures that speak for themselves.  Because it is not only about capturing a movement, horses racing, bees flying, a bullet being fired.  It is about being able to send a message through photography.

More advanced cameras with many useful functions are the mainstream of professional photography.  If you would like to have the experience of truly professional photos for your business, contact YYC 3D.  They will surely deliver their best work to make your website glow and stand out from the rest.

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